Student Employment


Working for Gator Dining has its perks! Enjoy the following benefits when you work for us on campus:

SALARY – The student employee wage starts at $10.00 per hour with the opportunity for a merit based raise during student employee evaluations, and some positions start higher!

FREE MEALS – A free meal is provided for every shift you work. For students that work at Gator Corner and Fresh Food Co., you will receive an additional Weekly 4 Meal Plan as long as you meet these qualifications:

  • – Work at least 15 hours per week.
  • – Work 2 weekend shifts per month.

Other positions, like Convenience Store workers, will also be eligible. Check with your manager!

QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE  – We work with you on creating a schedule that works best for your UF Life. Our locations are on campus and within walking distance to most classrooms, dorms and student unions. Create a schedule that is compatible with your course load and enjoy the convenience of making money and staying on campus.

EXPAND YOUR NARRATIVE – You will earn real work experience and we’ll provide references for your resume. You’ll earn skills that are valuable for any career: customer service, teamwork, time management and multitasking.

STUDENT MANAGEMENT – Opportunities for more are always available. If you are interested in becoming a Student Manager, please reach out!


George Barrow | Human Resources Manager

Maria Alvarado | Human Resources Coordinator