Reusable To Go Containers

Here is How it works:

  • Gator Dining’s To-Go Box program allows customers the opportunity to purchase a $5.00 reusable,  environmentally safe, sustainable to-go container in lieu of disposable containers. Boxes, available at the cashier station, must be returned in exchange for a new box at each visit or a carabiner.If you choose to use a disposable box, there is a fee of $0.50 for that box.

    Each To-Go Box equals one meal swipe or door rate charge.

Meal Options

  • To-Go Meal for the existing meal period – allows students 15 minutes to fill their container.
  • If you eat in and want to take more food To-Go, you must return to the cashier stand and swipe or pay the door rate for that meal period. You will then have 15 minutes to fill your container.

Rules of the Program

  • To participate in the Reusable To-Go Container program, you will receive a to-go container for $5.00.
  • Once the container is used, trash or uneaten food should be discarded. The box should then be brought back to Gator Corner Dining Center or Fresh Food Co. and traded for a clean container each time he or she wants to use the take-out option.
  • In the event that a container is returned but a take-out meal is not requested at that time, you will be issued a Green Gator carabiner that can be redeemed later for take-out.
  • Customers may fill their container with the foods of their choice that are currently available during that service time but the lid must be able to close. Since most fruit does not fit into the container, all customers are allowed to take out one piece as a part of their meal.  Customers will be allowed to bring their own drink container to fill with a beverage of their choice.
  • Customers must request take-out before the card is swiped. Customers may not utilize take-out and consume a meal inside the dining hall on the same card swipe or payment.
  • Take-out is not available during theme meals.
  • Bottles, jars, and bulk containers, such as those containing spices, oils, vinegar, condiments, and honey should not be removed from the location.
  • To go box is not transferable to another meal plan user.
  • Misuse of the program may result in loss of privileges.

Food Safety Practices

  • To minimize the potential for pathogen growth, cold food needs to stay below 41°F, and hot food needs to stay above 135°F.
  • All food items taken out should be consumed or refrigerated within two hours. Refrigerated leftovers should be consumed or discarded within two days.
  • When reheating refrigerated food, the food must be reheated to at least 165°F within two hours of removing it from refrigeration.