Discovering and choosing the right foods can help you unleash your best and keep you healthy. Our chefs and dietitians understand how challenging this can be so we’re here to help you discover what healthy food can do to feed your potential every day.

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How to Eat Well on your Meal Plan

With trying to balance all of the studying and social activities that come with college life, having a meal plan frees up some of your time by taking the guesswork out of what’s for dinner – and breakfast and lunch for that matter. With a meal plan, you also get to skip frequent trips to the grocery store and the regular cooking and cleaning that goes along with having to prepare meals. Get More Info.

This fall, as part of our Feed Your Potential 365 campaign, we’re celebrating the season by helping everyone Feed Their A-Game by featuring a wide variety of Eat Well selections on our menus that all have ‘great taste, wholesome ingredients, and good nutrition’.


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Our Menu Commitments

We are committed to providing you with a broad selection of great-tasting, healthy, and sustainably sourced foods and beverages.

  1. Our menus are created by experienced chefs who have a passion for food.
  2. We feature fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low or non-fat dairy options.
  3. We provide calorie-conscious choices and make nutrition information available for all the food we serve.
  4. We’re proud to serve culturally diverse menus, featuring traditional favorites, ethnic dishes, and international flavors.
  5. Our recipes are freshly prepared and made as close to the mealtime as possible.
  6. We provide a vegetarian-friendly environment, with a variety of vegetarian or vegan choices.
  7. When available, our menus include seasonal selections with local and sustainable products.
  8. We are reducing the amounts of sodium and unhealthy fats in our recipes, and working with our suppliers to do the same in their ingredients.
  9. We recognize and accommodate special dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.
  10. Our chefs and dietitians help take the mystery out of healthy eating with nutrition education programs and wellness events.

Find the Food that Fits Your Life

Brightly-colored, leaf-shaped messages make better-for-you choices easy to find. It’s a simple way to find the food that can help you be Healthy for Life®

All Eat Well selections have great taste, wholesome ingredients, AND good nutrition. They provide at least a full serving of nutritionally dense whole foods and are lower in calories, saturated fat, and sodium


Our dietitians assure that selections paired with this nutritional highlights message have whole grains as one of the leading ingredients in the recipe.




Vegetarian and Vegan selections now make up 30% of our menus. Our culinary team and dietitians assure those vegetarian selections contain no meat, fish or poultry.



Our vegan selections contain no animal products of any kind. In addition, vegan items can not include dairy, eggs, or honey.



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