Meal Plan Overview

Five Ways to Sign Up for your Meal Plan

  1. Sign Up Online: Student
  2. Call our business office:  352-392-2491
  3. Walk into our business office:
    245 Gale Lemerand Drive
    Gate 4 | Suite 149
    Gainesville, FL 32611
  4. Parent and Spouses can go to www.
  5. By Mail: Check payable to the University of Florida.  Mail to Gator Dining Services, University of Florida, Box 112282, Gainesville, FL  32611-2282.


Types of Meal Plans

The Unlimited Meal Plans

The Unlimited Meal Plans are recommended for all resident students and are the most economical and flexible way to eat on campus! Choose from Unlimited Orange 450, Unlimited Blue 250, or the Unlimited 5-Day 375 (Monday through Friday) – depending on whether or not you plan to go home on weekends. No need to count how many meals you’ve used or how many you have left. Gator Dining’s Unlimited Meal Plans provide you with a VIP access to UF’s residential dining halls – any time of day or night the facilities are open. It’s more than breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

With the Unlimited Meal Plans, you are welcome at Gator Corner Dining Center and the Fresh Food Company as many times as you like — either 7 or 5 days per week, depending on which plan you choose!  Your Unlimited Meal Plan can also be used daily for one cash exchange meal swipe valued at $6.50. This cash exchange meal swipe is available at any time of the day, for one meal per day, at select locations. If you spend over $6.50, the difference will come out of your Flex Bucks account.

For those students who do not need an Unlimited Meal Plan and prefer to purchase a set number of meals per week or semester, we offer the Gator Weekly 10 where you get 10 swipes per week. Our weeks are a little different on this plan, and they run from Thursday to Wednesday. This means you will always have swipes on the weekends! You can budget your swipes to fit your schedule, and use your $550 in Flex Bucks to make up for any additional meals and snacks you need!

All residential meal plans are two-semester plans. You are signing up for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

Commuter Meal Plans

There are five options for non-resident students – the Chomp 80, Chomp 50, Chomp 30, Chomp, 65 (No Flex Bucks) or the Chomp 30 (No Flex Bucks). These small, convenient meal plans allow non-resident students to enjoy on-campus dining at a discounted price. Each block of meals rolls over on a weekly basis and the meals are redeemable at The Fresh Food Company and Gator Corner Dining Center exclusively.  Additionally, the Chomp 80, Chomp 50, Chomp 30, Chomp, Commuter Meal Plans include Flex Bucks which are accepted at all Gator Dining locations on campus.

Commuter meal plans are for one semester only and both of these plans are available exclusively to non-resident students. 

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

Flexibility to Dine at Other Locations!

One of the great things about Unlimited Meal Plans is its flexibility. Along with the meals at the dining halls and the cash exchange locations, your plan includes a special declining balance supplement called Flex Bucks. Depending on the option you choose, you’ll get between $250 – $450 Flex Bucks per semester to use at any of the other dining locations on campus including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and convenience stores.  The Gator Weekly 10 comes with $550 in Flex Bucks per semester to use at any on-campus dining location.

Meet, Greet, & Eat!

It’s often difficult being away from home for the first time and making new friends. As the residential dining halls are conveniently located close to many of the residence halls on campus, they are a natural gathering spot for students to meet, greet, and eat. Join your neighbors for coffee, a meal, or a late evening snack. What better way to get acquainted?

Nothing to lose! 

Not sure that the Meal Plans will fit your new campus lifestyle? Don’t worry – there is a grace period at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters during which time you may convert the prorated value of your meal plan to a Flex Bucks Account. All you have to do is come into the Gator Dining office and fill out the conversion form. So, you have nothing to lose by trying out one of these plans!

In addition, those students who join a fraternity or sorority that has its own mandatory meal plan component may apply for a prorated refund of their Residential Meal Plan at any time during the semester. You may also apply for a prorated refund if you withdraw from school. Note: refunds are prorated to the date we receive all required paperwork. Please call our business office for additional details. View the Fraternity and Sorority Refund Policy for more information.

Receiving Student Financial Aid Awards?

If so, you may be able to eat now and pay later. You may qualify to defer payment of your meal plan if the expected amount of your financial aid award is large enough to cover your meal plan plus the amount of your tuition, campus housing expenses, and any bookstore deferment you may have chosen. Please call Gator Dining Services for additional details (352-392-2491).