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As part of UF’s efforts to become a zero-waste campus by 2015, Gator Dining Services offers reusable to-go containers at Gator Corner Dining Center and Fresh Food Company.

Here is How it works:


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1. Why should someone participate in the program?

By using reusable to-go containers, participants will join others in the effort to reduce waste on our campus.  During 2011, 290,000 disposable containers were purchased and therefore, thrown away – using recyclable containers will make our to-go program more sustainable.

2. Does it cost money to sign up?

There is a $4 refundable deposit for each container that you check out from the Dining Halls.  All participating customers must have a valid Gator 1 Card to rent containers.

3. Do I have to sign up?

For meal plan and declining balance customers, all you have to do is ask your cashier for a reusable to-go container and the computer will recognize you the first time you check a container out.  The $4 deposit will be added to your declining balance account. 

4. Where can I use the containers?

Gator Corner Dining Center, Fresh Food Company & Home Zone in the Reitz.

5. How many containers can each person check out?

Two; there is a $4 refundable deposit per container.

6. How long can a container be checked out?

There are no time limits or late fees. We ask that you return the container by the end of the semester to one of the dining halls. This will ensure that your refund is issued.

7. Do containers have to be returned to the place they were checked out?

No.  You can use and return your containers at either of the two dining hall locations. 

8. Do I have to wash my container?

We handle the washing of all containers in our dish washing facilities to ensure their proper sanitation. We do ask that you please bring the container back rinsed if possible. Simply bring us back the container and we will hand you a fresh clean container at no charge. 

9. Are these the same size as the disposable containers?

No, the reusable containers are larger.

10. Can I share my container with my friend/roommate?

No. In order to properly keep track of all containers, you must rent your own container.