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Student Testimonial:
“One of the best and most memorable experiences in my freshman year was eating at the dining halls. I met a lot of people and it definitely wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have a meal plan. In a lot of ways having the meal plan made up a big part of why my freshman year was my favorite.”

Severin Walstad, Junior, On-Campus Resident

Student Testimonial:
“I have had the Unlimited Open-Access meal plan every since I was a freshman. With a meal plan, I don’t have to worry about constant cooking. I can wake up ten minutes before class, walk out my door and grab a quick snack and then get to class.”

Scott Hendel, Senior, On-Campus Resident

Parent Testimonial:
“My son enjoys the variety of food you serve and the ‘late nights’ too. The food is great at UF; thanks for being there! PS: I probably need your recipes!

Patricia France, Gator Parent

Our Nutritionist says:
“Gator Dining meal plans offer the best access to balanced meals on campus. The students who are on the meal plan consistently have good eating habits, better time management and make healthier choices than students who are fending for themselves. The innovative food choices on campus rival any restaurant in town and you won’t find more nutritious choices for your money anywhere else.”

Hannah Stahmer, Gator Dining Nutritionist, MS, RD, LD/N