You can open your declining balance account (or add to your existing account) at the Gator 1 Central Office, the Gator Dining Business Office or on-line at


Do you live off campus, but spend a lot of time on campus? Are your Mondays so filled that lunch is only a candy bar, but Tuesdays allow for a sit down meal?
Then a declining balance is for you! The declining balance allows you to eat anywhere on campus. Yep, anywhere.

That means you can grab a smoothie from Freshens, a sandwich and bottled water from the P.O.D. Market at Beaty Towers and dinner at the Reitz Union. Though not as economical as the Meal Plans, the options are endless with over 40 locations scattered across campus.


Setting Up the Account

You have complete flexibility when setting up your account – you decide how much and how often to deposit. There’s no fee to establish the account and no minimum balance to maintain. Unused balances carry forward through the semesters and years until you graduate or leave school. It’s fast – just scan and go. It’s convenient and safe – no need for cash or ATMs. It’s flexible – use it anywhere.

Signing up is easy! Create a new account or add to your existing account online, by stopping in the Gator Dining business office, or you may log in at Gator 1 Central ( ). Meal plans are also available for purchase there!

Parents may add money to a Gator Dining Declining Balance at .


Declining Balance Reload Program

As a Declining Balance member, you can sign up for the Declining Balance Reload Program. When your balance drops to $50.00, you can recharge your account for a predetermined value. Ask a representative for more details. Amounts in the Declining Balance Account are refundable when you graduate or leave school.

Please note, apply for your refund within 6 months after leaving school. An administration fee will apply.